EVANS Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

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  • Explore the great outdoors and setup camp with ease in the new Tahoe Gear Carson Tent. Great for comfortably sleeping up to 14, the Carson is ideal for a night with the extended family or a longer excursion.

    Enjoy day time in the airy, open screen room or a few restful hours in the spacious 3 separate master suite areas. The durable 1000mm polyester tent body is great for getting out in the warm or cool weather. The power slip near door allows for easy power cord access inside your tent.

    Equipped with easy setup poles, stakes, guy ropes, and rain fly for unexpected weather, this tent is ready to help you take on your next vacation or outdoor adventure.

    • Large yet practical and comfortable, the Tahoe Gear Carson is perfect for all groups or families, great for daytime or night
    • Generous 7 foot center and wall height allow campers to move easily throughout the tent
    • Durable 1000mm polyester tent body is great for getting out in the warm or cool weather
    • Coordinating 1000mm polyester fly with taped fly seams and polyethylene binding floor helps to provide water resistance in varied conditions
      • Fly canopy extends out over the door for an extra large vestibule, and includes guy ropes on each side for securing tent in windy weather
      • Fly features solar shield that reflects sun light and keeps tent cooler in warm weather
    • Fabric specifications:
      • Tent body and fly 70D/190T polyester
      • Tent floor 120 gram polyethylene
    • Large windows zip completely shut for sleeping and open for use as a screen room on those comfortable days and evenings
    • Open mesh design provides excellent cross ventilation throughout the tent while keeping out pesky mosquitoes and other bugs
    • Easy to assemble shock corded poles and pin and ring system allow for quick set up
    • Includes convenient tent trolley carry bag, pole bag, stakes and assembly instructions
    • Power slip near door allows for easy power cord access inside your tent
    • Dimensions: 17.5 x 25 x 7.8 feet
    • Weight: 60 pounds
    • Note: Tahoe Gear tents are made with a high quality fabric for water resistance. Overall water resistance capability will vary by wind, setup and more extreme weather circumstances. Due to the design of the tent, guy ropes (included) will be required to hold the side cabins up properly when rain fly is not attached. Please ensure the rain fly is applied in inclement weather to decrease chances of moisture inside your tent.
    • Manufacturer warranty: 2-year warranty

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    3 hour set up

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    We recently purchased this tent as a replacement for our old, 2 room tent.  We love the amount of space it offered and especially the screened in area.  The tent, once put up, does not disappoint in either of those aspects, but 2 hours into the set up (total, it took 3 hours), we seriously considered sending it right back to the distributer.  The instructions that come with the tent for assembly take a complicated process of setting up a large tent and make it even harder by using tiny, black and white pictures of poor quality to describe the incorrect order of putting the tent up.  If you follow the directions explicitly, line for line, you will end up with two end rooms and no middle room and 6 extra poles.  It completely cuts out the middle portion of how to set up the tent in sequential order and uses ambiguous directions such as "Place inner tent's s-hook to fasten on the plastic pipe hole.", regardless of the fact that no matter how long you look, you will not find an s-hook anywhere on the tent, fly, or poles, nor will you find any plastic anything.  None of the poles are marked, though four Y-shaped poles are needed for the middle room and all look remarkably similar, but with a small change in the direction of the Y at the end.  If you don't put them on the right corner, you will either lose a finger or an eye when the fiberglass pole consistently flings back out of the pole at you.  It's a guess and check, trial and error process.  The screened in area is a fabulous idea, but it does not fasten to the sides of the tent in any way, so there are gaps along the side where bugs will get in.  It's still better than nothing, but the design flaw leaves something to be improved.  Another part of the screened in area we are disappointed with is that it is basically an over shoot of the fly, meaning you can't have both the screened portion up and the fly down, meaning you can't use the roof windows and the screened in area at the same time.  You either have to choose to open the roof windows and go flyless, or have the screened in area with a hotter tent at night.  Also, the doors on the front of the tent are solid.  There is no option for opening them with a mesh screen, which is a first for me.  I like being able to have loads of windows and cross ventilation, which if you have the fly on and the screened in portion up, you only have an option of four windows throughout the tent.  In all the pictures you will see, it looks like the tent is open throughout, but in reality, they have opened the solid doors for the picture (again, the screened area is NOT bug proof, plus, you're always going to have insects in the grass area, so do you really want them inside your tent?).  All in all, it's a good looking tent, but not exactly what we thought we were getting.  It's manageable, but disappointing, and after spending 3 hours setting it up the first time, my recommendations would be to have at least 3 people to put it up, put it up in your backyard first, and be prepared to spend at least another hour marking the poles to correspond so the next time you put it up you know exactly where everything belongs and typing up directions you are actually going to understand.  Whether or not I would recommend this item depends on if someone is willing to put the time and effort into the set up in order to have the extra space.

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    • HORRIBLE set up instructions